Bad Operating Systems

Found 13th Oct 2004
Basically anything windows!

Who agrees?disagrees?
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i agree deffinately although i do use windows XP mainly cos i cant be assed to figure anything else out
I like Windows... I wouldn't say all their OS's are perfect, but XP is getting there...what else would you use anyway, Mac OS? Linux? I suppose support for those OS's is getting better, but ALL games and apps work under Windows...!
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all very well in saying that about Windows but then again, Mac supply a lot of there on progams and Adobe and Quark programs are supported on Mac. What other programs are needed, ask urself wat would u rather be using something like iMove,Final Cut Pro or Windows Easy Film Creator!

I know wat i'd rather be using.
Well i have been a windows user since 3.1 !!! i have grown up with windows so i think its creat
hmmm me too.... thought i would bring back this thread for no reason....

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