Bad reception for DAB radio

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Found 27th Oct 2008
I wanted to buy a DAB radio for my mum, but i just put her postcode into this website -

and most of the entries came through as yellow, meaning the signal might not be great..

should i not get one now? or is there a chance they will work ok?


unless it says no signal theres always a chance...

Wouldnt bother TBH - We were in a 'Yellow' area. I can get very little and the quality is rubbish.

Why not borrow a DAB and try it out in the vicinity. Better than buying a useless bit of kit!

Mine is in the loft :x


Find out what stations she usually listens too and if they are receivable, go ahead.
Mind you DAB radio seems to be a step backwards in my view.
Try getting a DAB radio with CD player that has Presets.
I mean with one button per preset, within reason.
5 would be ok, 10 ideal.
They all seem to have "Scrolling " presets, where you have to push the button umpteen times to get to the station you want.
Mine is by my bed, just for that reason as I only listen to Talksport 1st and last thing.
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