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    I was placed an order on a recondition-phone SPV M600 5days ago.

    It was arrived this morning and found that there is no SIM card come with the package.
    Also, the battery got a bit dirt on it. It might be just a 2nd hand part from other broken mobile.

    I tried to call up the customer service.

    The guy told me:
    1. It may be hiding under the box. (NO)
    2. It may be plugged into the mobile. (Silly, if it is the case, it will be a recondition-SIM)
    3. Then, it may be missed by the Dextra-solutions. But sorry, we Orange accessories don't have any in-stock and the best to go is to order one from for just one pounds. (It's not a matter of price. I am supposed to be eligible for a new SIM coming with my order. Where did it go?)

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    The sims are missed out more often than not. there are threads and threads about them on some of the mobiles sites. There are usually free Orange sims around if you google for them (its a pain I know, but they are a bunch of muppets)
    The batterys dirty because they're all refebs not new stock.
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