Bad websites ------------- Recommended not to go on

    This is just a post where poeple can post websites that you think that people shouldn't go on

    I thought it is a good idea sorry if you dont but just plz post them!!!


    EBAY, Its sucks !!! :P lol

    It'll cost you a fortune in the long run...:whistling:


    they are the enemy, its run by some weird xxx!

    once people start posting real ones you can wave bye to the thread lol!




    installed a trojan :x


    im not going to fall for that one again:oops:

    dont tell everyone :whistling:

    knew it wasnt gonna be long b4 the rick roll links would be up!
    was gonna post a few mins ago but hukd wasnt letting me log on

    Trouble is bad websites come and go so quickly that any list can go out of date.

    Some general rules:

    Avoid sites that offer REALLY cheap deals (cheaper than other websites)

    Avoid sites that have just been setup (you can easily check this with WHOIS)

    Avoid sites that offer to get tickets for festivals, concerts etc that no one else can get.

    Avoid sites that dont give contact details such as phone numbers, physical address etc (but even they can be dodgy).

    If possible go for "good names" (Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Dell etc). It is very easy to find out which web sites are good. A quick question on here will verify is a site has been trustworthy in the past.

    Only buy from a SECURE web site.

    Pay by credit card rather than debit card as you have more cover if you buy using a credit card.

    If you are buying from an overseas web site make sure you are getting a product that will work in the UK (uk electrical supply, instructions written in English and so on)

    If in doubt hang on to your money, there are a lot of scammers out there.


    im not going to fall for that one again:oops:

    NOR ME :x


    installed a trojan :x

    got the link from here ]http//ww…-p/ no mention of a trojan must have an over active antivirus


    rockyfella;2110440'll cost you a fortune in the long …'ll cost you a fortune in the long run...:whistling:


    actually add Play to that list too!

    Yes I know one ... never ever ever go on HUKD it is really addictive & once you have signed up there is NO going back ... you will become instantly attached so beware

    I'm a big fan of McAfee SiteAdvisor. It's a free plugin for IE or Firefox and tells you if sites are safe or not. If they try to download files on the sly and stuff like that.

    Very useful in my opinion.

    lol when someone uses a tinyurl its always gonna cause trouble
    it was my way to get people on msn to keep clickin on lemonparty though :-D muhahaha lol

    Original Poster Banned

    What is a Trojan??

    ogrish - very bad, severe warning for this one.


    2 girls 1 cup (watch th reaction videos instead)

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