Found 15th Jan 2009
I'm going achievement whoring after reading OXM this month and need to find the cheapest way to do it.

Looking for - (current cheapest)

Open season - £9.99 Gamestation - Preowned
TMNT - £14.99 Gamestation - Preowned
Avatar - £9.78 Gamestation - New
NHL 2K6 - £4.99 Gamestation - Preowned
Madden 06 - £19.56 Gamestation - New
CSI: Hard Evidence - £14.66 Gamestation - New

Splitting it two ways, except posatge will be involved. So add say £0.50 to each game and divide it by two for the cost.

So the games that cost more than £10 we're probably better renting. Anybody know how much rentals are at Blockbuster these days?

So if anybody knows where to get these games cheap in London (Hammersmith or short journeys there about, or cenral) or Fife (Glenrothes/Kirkcaldy) I'd be most appreciative. Alternatively if you're looking to offload any of these games for cheap, let me know.





Speak to Acecatcher3

can u not rent games and get the points that way?

what was in OXM that made you want to rack up achievement points? I like getting the achievements because in alot of cases it adds a bit of longevity to a game (trying to crack that elusive lap time or trying to get those 10 kills in a row) but I'd not do it purely for the points... I've got better things to do than play pants games to bump up a meaningless number!

...unless something in OXM makes me think otherwise anyway :thumbsup:

madden 06
nba 06
spiderman friend of foe
fifa street 3
nhl 06
csi hard evidence

thats just off top of my head, got all of them achievements in a day

just make a lovefilm account with 3 months free trial and order all of these.

what was in OXM?

nba street homecourt.

fight night 3


Quantum of Solace achievements are well easy and completed quick too

As said previously get a free lovefilm account for 3 months and rent all these games. Just remember to cancel before the trial ends…g-/

Don't know if it has been mentioned but 'lost' is also an easy 1000gs game

Original Poster

OXM had a guide to getting 10,000 gamerpoints in a weekend. You still can't trade them in to get that time back again, lol.

Some weren't for 1000/1000 (like Vampire Rain 600 points in 1 hour) and I'm a completionist, so just mentioned the ones 1000 were easy for.

They actually didn't mention Avatar, at least the have some standards.

Lovefilm for 3 months is genius.

I've done King Kong, but that's cos games were scarce when the xbox first came out. Done Fight Night too, but that was actually a pretty decent game. Still gets the odd outing every 6 months.

@Acecatcher3 - Are those other games you mentioned easy to get 1000 points? I don't mind having bad games with the full 1000 but having some is sad (that's right, sadder than whoring for points).
I'll check out those other games you recommended. I have COD4, but just ran through it once on easy.

Cheers all.

How do I get a 3 month trial. Says 14 days on the site.

Nevermind, search function is my friend.

Or reading the post above.


OXM had a guide to getting 10,000 gamerpoints in a weekend. You still … OXM had a guide to getting 10,000 gamerpoints in a weekend. You still can't trade them in to get that time back again, lol.

Official xbox magazine encouraging a buying/renting frenzy on old games that aren't shifting off the shelves... shocker! ;-) Fair play though, if thats what you're in to 10,000 in a weekend would be hard to ignore.

dont forget lost for the easiest 1000 going.

the games i listed are all 1000gs games, the only ones that will take over a weekend is cod4 and cod2....all the rest are 1000gs weekend games
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