Badges !!! we dont need no stinking badges !!!!!!!!!!!!

Found 6th Jul 2010…ted

just coz you aint got no editor badge
- casparwhite

wots an editors badge!
- deb8z

How do you edit?
- jayjayuk1234

ooh I can edit too!
- caz1cool

Already got editor badge
- shauneco

Here i come editor badge
- ivegotalobon

oh you get a badge for editing 100 of these?
- lumoruk

Cool I can edit too
- djstrobe4real

More pointless trophies.
Gotta get all these
- niminator

*Edit* God Dam Badges!
- richx45

it's waiting for me
- sharon_uk

- OldEnglish

87 to go
- rjonesy
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Excellent my second favourite quote ever!
it's turned into HUKDbook - how do I add farmville?****-off-kitty.jpg
Especially no rusty sheriffs badges

X):D;):3:{ lol

edit to add - the row of smilies I put in are invisible as is the edit I did just now
oO ....oO....:{

this is crazy - posts go and come back, and I can't edit an edit, it's too trippy.

edit, it's too trippy.

Some people like it that way!

Have to question how "Rep was used as some sort of badge of honour", is somehow worse than these remarkably stupid badges that even now are subject to abuse as shown in the opening post edits.
Don't forget me guv - I'm abusing it too!

omg what going on here!!!
in after Garnetts tears......
Popcorn still available...
I like mine
" Badges? Do you want badges motherbitch? I give you badges! 99 cents each. "
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