bag of crap

    did any one get anything good?


    got an PS2

    i got **** in my bag. literally

    Original Poster

    i got a ps2 cable :x

    DVD-R x 10, a scart lead, a dvd case and 8 batteries poor very poor this time, sold the scart lead on th'ebay tho lol for £2.50 so nearly got my money back the batteries were **** useless after 1 day lol

    Bleeding CityLink still got mine....:x

    Mp3player..(used, no earphones, with 18 hrs of some sort of Buddhist chant, pre loaded)
    Two rechargeable usb batteries.
    A MP-Gear... For backing up sims....

    OK for £4 I suppose!

    New 'Bag of ****' out now, £3.99 again.

    I received my bag of **** today,

    I got the silver disc holder thing,
    2 stacks of dvd-r discs,
    8 batteries,
    A usb mouse set (one normal size, one tiny)
    Some cd cases,
    And some strange plastic things also.

    done a video of me opening the box but its mp4, gonna look to editing it before uploading it

    Hi, got dvd case discs and a keyring bit rubbish:x
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