Bah humbug or Ho ho ho

    Do you feel bah humbug this year or are you feeling ho ho ho!!!

    please coment below

    happy christmas to you all



    plenty ho ho ho's in this office

    Bah Ho! (a bit of both:-D)

    luv ho ho hos

    ho ho ho stressed

    Actually, here in Wales it's all the same thing - Baa & Ho:whistling:

    Why? is there something special about this time of year......................Lol. have a merry christmas everyone.the wife is baa got the flue,me i'm a bit of ho ho when i have the time.

    Look at my Avi I think you may tell from that I love Christmas :santa::stocking::gift:
    Merry Christmas all

    Original Poster


    Bah Ho! (a bit of both:-D)

    me too wish I didnt have to go to work today the I might be ho ho but im like u ba ho
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