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    I have just got myself 2 chocolate labrador pups,and went to my local petstore and bought a big bag of Bakers puppy food (beef ) variety.I have since been told by a couple of people that you should avoid Baker`s,especially the beef flavour,as they should not have beef.this has been backed up with the puppies having a really bad time with toilet problems,can someone help with this problem,has anyone else had the same thing ?...also the last pup we had went on Bakers,and she had the same problem.


    My mom's always had rescue dogs and she used to buy expensive dog food when she had her own business- the dogs were in and out of the vet, she now buys the cheapest dog food she can find- normally 87p from Asda for a big tin- the wet dog food, and the dogs are in good health, have lovely coats etc. I'd advise saving your money and trying the cheap dog food.

    Oooh just read that you've got pups, I'd use the Pedigree Chum puppy food, then change onto the cheap tins when they're going onto adult food x x x

    I can recommend Royal Canin complete puppy food

    they should be eating what the breeder was feeding them, and slowly add what food you want them to have into this, ive not heard any things like that about bakers, i use eukanuba on the puppys/dogs we have never had any problems

    apparantly bakers has an additive in it, so my friend was told by the vet cant remember what it causes tho, but the vet said to avoid bakers completly as said on thread gradually intodruce a differnt food slowly or the little ones will have the runs, i use dry dog food from tesco supermarket i have brought my rottie up on it for 3 years with no problems hope this helps


    DO NOT GIVE PUPPIES BAKERS! Or any dog for that matter. When we got our puppy a couple of years ago we got it.

    Then after going to the vets for shots he asked what we were feeding him, when we told him he explained about the additives etc and said it's the equivalent of feeding a human McDonalds for every meal. It will keep you alive, but that's the only benefit.

    barking heads puppy days is the best puppy food around imo. Not cheap but you dont have to give them that much. Pet nutritionist likened giving bakers to feeding a kid mcdonalds for every meal. Just seen dj1s comment that says the same

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    Thanks for the replies,seems a lot of people are saying the same thing about Bakers.
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