Baking potatoes

    I have agreed to supply the spuds for a BBQ tomorrow night before I sourced the cheapest supplier. Thats where you lot come in. Can you help.


    How many you looking for ?

    Don't know if it's still on but Asda were selling 2.5kg bags of baking potatoes (around 8 spuds in a bag) for £1. It was on Saturday

    a quid a bag in tesco-about 6 or 7 in a bag

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    I need to feed 10 people with spuds, fillings and butter. One large one each or a few small ones. Thanks for the replies so far.

    Big bags were bogof in Sainsburys today.
    You can check sainsurys, asda and Tescos websites to find products & prices.

    yes i got those asda ons were really nice 8 for £1 bargain!

    79p for a big bag @ aldi

    Asdas ones were pretty good value for a quid, 8ish good decent sized spuds in each bag - yummy too!!

    our local Peter Barretts Garden Centre has a local fruit & veg stall...

    massive, and I mean massive, Jacket Potatoe's, 5 for a quid :thumbsup:

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    yes i got those asda ons were really nice 8 for £1 bargain!

    On a trip to Asda yesterday they were reducing all of the fruit and veg. The £1 bag of jackets were reduced to 50p.

    Thanks again to all that posted.
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