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Found 12th Jul 2010
I would be very grateful to anyone that has got a particularly good deal on ball pit balls in the last few days. Where did you go and how much were they? I need about 300 balls. Cheapest found so far is ebay and maybe Asda (£5 per 100). Looking for cheaper...
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We got 300 from Argos, at £4.99 per 100 (plus £2.79 for a cheap paddling pool to put them in!), but remember afterwards noticing that Sainsbury's had them cheaper than that at the time (2 months ago)...
Asda are £5 for 100 or 2 packs for £8
100 in Tesco's for £4.99
asda cheapest for balls as just brought some, tesco have cheap deals for ball pits starting from 4.99 upwards instore and online.
Thanks all. Looks like it's Asda then. May try Sainsburys too. Argos were doing a good deal but they have sold out nationwide now.
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