ballpark figure for front discs and pads for corolla 1.6 2005 (& fitting)

Found 22nd Mar
Any mechanics out there like to hazard a guess as to what this is likely to cost me?
I'm in Scotland so no London labour charges thank god,and local independent garage rather than a toyota dealer.
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Look on europarts for trade price + £40 per axle to fit. They are actually very easy to do

You say 'pads'. How confident are you that the disks are OK?
I had actually ordered pads from euro but took it to my trusted local garage to confirm the problem, on inspection the mechanic said the inner pads are down to the backing plate and therefore it's probably gonna be pics too.
I had also Google the replacement procedure (having done pads myself in the past) and see that it's quite a straightforward one, but I think I'm going to have to let them fit pads and discs now they've seen it. I don't think they'd rip me off for unnecessary discs, but there is scoring and a mushroom top to be seen, so they're probably goosed.
pics = discs oops!
I had front pads and discs on my seat leon 2011 and cost £70 plus labour for good quality parts. They also did lower quality but I wouldnt skimp on brakes.
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