Found 12th Jan 2007
hey, am i being blind or have i had my balls removed - from the for sale section. :oops:

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check your pm's, mods usually pm to explain why, probably cos you had them on ebay too, this isnt allowed


Oh thank god for that. For it was another poll.

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:-D nope

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have no pms and i can't see it anywhere in the sale section


When did you post it and what title?

Looking through your previous posts the only bally thing I can see is paintballing from you, but, that was some time ago. If it was sooner than it seems to have been lost/removed.

As listed in the forum rules/guidelines in the For Sale & Trade section...

(2) No businesses or bulk sales. This is for personal trading/selling only. No linking to an external business/eBay store/Amazon store. This applies to other forums too, items are not to be advertised elsewhere.

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I'm not a business but i think its been cleared up now

You are not allowed to advertise it here if you have it elsewhere fwibble. It's to stop people from accidentally selling things twice, as has happened in the past.
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