Bambino Direct refused to pay quidco on my order

    Ugh, feel quite annoyed that Bambino Direct didn't pay up on the carseat I ordered recently and said it was returned (which it wasn't). It didn't track so I sent an enquiry which was declined.

    I just don't think they should be allowed to use quidco if they aren't going to honour their orders. My mother tried to place an order too with them before me and had to ring them as it wouldn't go through and they said to try again and not through quidco - but she didn't and the second time it went through.

    Personally I would have gone somewhere cheaper had I known they were cowboys where quidco is concerned.



    quidco is not guaranteed , and try topcashback as no fee every year

    Original Poster

    i know they say it isn't guaranteed, but then why have quidco if it's not? I don't get it?
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