Band Aid 20 ( love it Hate it )

    Sorry have to say i dont like it....


    i've not heard it yet, but can't fault it if its raising money for a worthy charity!

    No comparason to the original

    The recent one is full of no talent singers who just want exposure to get them back in the public eye :evil:

    I agree with jcsymons, its rubbish.

    in the words of southpark "OMG They killed Band Aid , You B******s "

    i think its the worst song i have heard in a long long time maybe because theres way too many different stylings

    Havent heard it yet, wil l try and tune to a radio 2moz

    i wouldn't say the new version is full of no talent singers but i agree its total rubbish and sholdn't be able to be compared with the original version which is a total classic

    Hate it

    Have to agree, it sucks!

    yep - dreadful!!!!

    Must be bad looking at the posts here lol

    I haven't even heard it yet. hhhmm.


    The new version is awful . The one good thing about it is it shows up who can really sing & who can't - I'm surprised Dido let it go out with her voice sounding the way it does on it. When I find out how to give to the charity without buying the single I'll donate that way - I wouldn't give that mess house room. Most of the people who appeared on it are artists in the genre of p**s artists who have their voices engineered in studios, rather than real singers who can do an accoustic/Unplugged show & totally hold an audience. The singers from 1984 such as George Michael etc must be laughing themselves silly. Even Paul McCartney didn't sing on it (not quite so daft then), & Damon Albarn served tea - this is one invite he won't regret not getting.

    As a radio station said the other day, people will listen to the new version up 'til Christmas because of the airplay it gets rather than through choice, then from next year 1984's version will be played like 2004's never existed except to take the mick.

    Click Donate.

    Nasty Flash Site tho

    Thanks for that. I've also found you can download the 'song' and videos from by making donations there.

    Thing is, it's drummed up the attention they needed to get some donations for a good cause. Guess that's the main thing.

    True enough - exposing the inability to sing of so many music celebs in one hit was just a bonus

    It's a great cause but they could have done something more original.

    i still haven't heard it!!

    yet again i thinkthis version is complete rubbishbut i agree with the fact of buying it just for charity altho i won't be buying it

    love something, hate something - jus make the damn song better

    i think they should re-release the original every few years or so

    ITS ANOYING ME every1 seems to like the old one better .. but the whole thing is suppose to sound different ... n i dont think there trying to focus on the old gits.... that moan about the old live aid... the yfocusing on the kids who need to no whats going on ... thats why people like the sugababes... dido n that are on there.... THIS ISNT ABOUT WHO CAN SING... ITS ABOUT RAISING MONEY .. COMING TOGETHER AND DOING A GOOD THING .. EVEN IF U CANT SING... THERE USING THERE ANMES TO HELP TO CHARITY... so stop moanin about blah blah how the quality isnt as gd ... if u dnt wanna buy it DONATE.. N SHUT UP OR USE UR VOICE TO ANOY GEORGE BUSH

    Not heard it - has it come out yet :whistling:
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