Band Hero guitar problem

Found 14th Apr 2011
Bought Band Hero today from Smyths for £40 for the drums mic guitar and game, got it home and have played with the drums for a while.
Went on to set the guitar up ready and it doesnt seem to want to connect with the usb dongle, after so long the flashing light on the guitar either stops flashing fast and turns off completely or flashes slower (Like a ps3 controller if it isnt synced properly with the ps3), the usb dongle also does the same, goes from a fast paced flash to a slower flash.

tried new batteries in the guitar incase that is why the guitar was turning off but to no avail (batteries had a 2009/10 date on them)

Anyone else have any ideas before i go back to the Smyths store and ask for an exchange for a new guitar & dongle?
Does wifi interfere with the guitar and usb as my ps3 is on wireless at the mo and laptop is close by also on wireless.

any help appreciated
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Shouldn't be interference. Not sure what would cause this besides batteries so might be a fault.
ok, ill take it back tomorrow and ask to exchange. thanks mate
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