Band of brothers

    I have watched this about 6 times and its one of the best programmes i have ever watched. Is there any more WW2 dramas like this about or is it one of a kind?



    It is fantastic and I don't think there is anything close to it really on TV. However 'The Pacific' is coming out next year, which is another HBO WW2 drama based in, you guessed it, the pacific. Should be awesome!

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    Yeh i heard about that, seems like its taking ages though...i suppose i will have to make do with watching saving private ryan and BoB twice a day I also really want to get it on blu-ray its supposed to be awesome!

    I got my dad BoB on blu-ray for his bday and it looks awesome!

    I love band of brothers.…=21

    If you've got your puter hooked up to your tv, or your laptop has av/s-video out, that link will sort you out. Some that you might like, esp. if you're a BoB fan are - Defiance and Behind enemy lines, The Way of War (not watched)

    Other good ones I have watched are - The Wrestler, Gran Torino, Seven Pounds, Frost/Nixon.


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