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Found 15th Jul 2009
Just got this box set on Blu-Ray (sweet), anywho, quick question:- the first parachute drop for the D-Day landings advance, the soldiers dropped using white parachutes at night. Now on the second drop for Operation Market Garden, they used camouflaged dark parachutes during the day, is this historically accurate, it just seems the wrong way round to me, the use of the parachute colours?

I understand that BoB was trying to be as accurate and detailed as possible.


Good point, well spotted..!

good point. Might guess that they use it that way round so that you can see them on screen, and get a grasp of just how many of them there were on the day. No point them being camoflauged on film, as we wouldn't see them?!

Don't know though!

The only information I can find is that originally white silk was used for all parachutes on both sides.

Obviously as you clearly point out, not the best strategy, later on they began dying the silks to give them other colours.

As the time line would have it the Advance landings were before OMG so that could explain it.

Found another reason for white 'chutes is the switch from silk to nylon found this:
canopy fabric was rapidly switched-over from silk to Nylon back then. Coloring technology for Nylon involves acid bathing and there was question concerning how the coloration process would affect performance specs, thus canopies were produced in "white."

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Agreed it does look incredible showing the sheer scale of both the parachute drops, using contrasting colours.

What about checking the directors commentary, might say on there

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What about checking the directors commentary, might say on there

lol yeah, hopefully still got 7 episodes to go then I will start the commentaries etc

The doctor episode and
the 1 were the new CO takes over runs threw the german town
and the 1 they are camping in the tree place
Are really cool episodes
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