Bands with days of the week in the name

Found 12th Jan 2011
Was listening to The Sundays today and just started to think of bands with days of the week in there name.

I got the Saturdays, The Sundays and Til Tuesday.

I know I could have Googled it but I thought I'd give you lot a go. So any bands with days of the week in the name, doesn't matter if the day's already been done and don't forget 'Don't Google it's just for fun'
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Happy Mondays
Happy Mondays,

Too slow lol
Edited by: "beth3735" 12th Jan 2011
What about the Wednesdays
The Saturdays
Can't believe I never thought of the Happy Mondays
Taking back sunday? they were a band right?
last tuesday...very odd band and i dont know why i remember them !!!
The Sundays
black friday x
i'm sure there was a band called Tuesdays Child
wednesday 13
Friday Night Gunfight
Monday's Alibi

Taking back sunday? they ARE a band right?

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