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Piggyback Phone Networks such as Plusnet, Smarty, VOXI etc Vs Genuine Networks 4G & 3G Speeds?

Posted 20th Sep 2019Edited by:"lettherebedeals"
Hi All, So this last 6 months I have been on 2 networks, Smarty (who piggybacks off the 3 network) and just a week ago signed up to Plusnet (who piggybacks off the EE network) I was extremely disappointed with Smarty (worst network I have ever experienced) and in all honesty even though Plusnet is much better, its still not brilliant for 4G, I'm experiencing signal drop-outs etc to, so my question is, because all these 3rd party networks piggyback off other major networks such as EE, Vodafone, Three & O2, is is true that if you sign up to a genuine network you have priority speeds over these piggyback networks, for example: If I choose to invest a an genuine EE sim-only deal, would I get far better speeds than I am with Plusnet? I know investing in a deal on the actual networks is more expensive, but it does seem over the last few years that speeds are getting slower and slower for all these piggyback networks, and the actual networks EE, Three & Vodafone, O2 etc are giving much more priority to signal quality and internet speeds to their customers.

Have you found that these piggyback networks are getting slower & slower, in comparison to signing up directly, is it worth going direct for speed, reliability and other perks?
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