Banger racing Costs??

    Its a long shot but...
    i am just wondering how much it would cost to do a season of banger racing - ie the price of the car and so on

    gonna be junior race series though

    Thanks and a happy new year


    about 1,000 i think,use to know someone who did it,depends on the car and how much the banger racing place charge for using it

    i have often wondered abt this myself. . . but never did anything abt it but good luck

    You need to get the car up to safety specs before you can race it something like this will give you an idea.

    There are an awfull lot of rules and regs.

    Read this to get an idea although its 2007 but you get the idea.…tml

    Now I wanna do this.…tml
    The Extreme Dodgems Experience costs £129.00 per person
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