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Found 7th Dec 2017

I’ve ordered a scooter and drone from banggood and am a bit worried now about the customs charges as I thought they would be by passed or minimal. Has anyone else ordered such items and not been hit with custom charges? I’ve ordered from the China warehouse and not eu. Thanks for any help.
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You are at risk of custom charges! Items over £15 are meant to attract VAT and if above £135 also duty. If charged, the carrier will add a £8-11 handling fee.

If you chose DHL shipping you will most likely get charged. The simplest shipping routes have the best chance of avoiding charges. Whether you get charged or not is outside of Banggood's control. They tend to label the packages with a lower value than what the items actually cost!

I've never been charged a customs fee - but just a few of my orders have been above £40 or so.

Best just to chill and see what happens - outside of your control now!
It truly is pot luck.

I had to pay ~ £3.50 VAT and the £8 Royal Mail handling fee on 2 x £30 CCTV cameras a few weeks back because BangGood's value declaration on the parcel was above the threshold for some reason.

As a guide I would say that 99% of parcels pass through customs unchallenged. They appear to be more concerned about fake items and drugs.

In > 5 years I have never had the declared value of an item challenged by customs.
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If it was sent China post, then you're unlikely to get hit.
But if you had it sent any faster way (DHL ect), then you'll get hit with VAT, Import and a processing fee from the carrier.
Thanks all- got the drone without any problems- still waiting for the scooter! Was hoping to get it my Xmas day - let’s hope I get it before end of the year!
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