Banggood .. Is this reliable site

Posted 30th Jul
is this a safe, secure site

I want to buy something from China, but delivery on Ebay is anything up to about 50 days, but the same item is available on Banggood with a 10-15 day delivery.

I have never heard about this company, so was wondering whether its a reliable site

I think its an overseas site

thank you
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Have used it before and item arrived fine.. delivery times can vary especially with covid.

It’s similar to Ali express and wish really
There 10-15 days does seem to be quick good.

you will find more and more products on aliexpress can be shipped from spain/france/germany and poland nowadays and come within a week or so.
They are based in China. So, no warrantee and no customer service, but a very good price (normally).

I've used them for a few things as long as the above doesn't bother you, go ahead. . .
Been using it for last 5 years, 20/25 orders from £3-£200 , no problems faced.
I had to deal with customer service once regarding item damaged in transit, full refund was done.
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No, banggood is not reliable at all. I will not use them after having countless problems with them. Items rarely show up and they repeatedly get the delivery address wrong, so retrieving the item is nearly impossible. Customer service is virtually non existent. Just take my advice and stick to the normal channels like eBay and Amazon, it will be far less hassle!
I've used Banggood, but I place no faith in their delivery times. I think three months is their record, but I've never really bought anything more than a tenner or so.

Baggood, Gearbest, dealExtreme, even Wish to a lesser extent, I have low expectations and they're nearly always met. I've not ventured on to Aliexpress yet though, but that seems to be more of a marketplace than a shop.
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