banggood purchase - can I avoid import fees?

Posted 9th Nov
I went through loads of youtube reviews of nice rc cars.
Sadly none of them are available on UK market. I found one I want on bangood for £180 ish + free delivery.

First question: is it safe to buy from bangood using credit card for example?
Second one: How likely my parcel will be held by customs due to import duties that need to be paid or I even heard about parcels never being delivered due to lack of "CE" mark?
I also heard about "tariff insurance" but don`t know how much it costs and how does it work if so.
I`m a little bit worried whether I`ll get what I want and won`t loose my hard earned money.

any advice?
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Been posted before: there's a freephone hotline to specifically assist with this type of question: 0800 788 887
For each individual item costing more than £100, a direct UK credit card payment to merchant via the merchant's payment gateway will provide UK-based protection and UK-based replicated merchant obligations inc merchant warranty etc.
If there are shipping options: avoiding using the big western couriers such as DHL, UPS, etc may result in the parcel passing through customs untouched for you to voluntarily pay import fees after receipt, rather than prior to receipt (plus admin fee) that the western couriers' procedures usually require.
Basically it’s highly unlikely you will avoid the import fees/duties and will incur an additional up to £15 admin fee (depends on courier/Royal Mail), so I’d suggest you factor that into the cost and decide if you’re still prepared to bite. If you do bite and you get lucky and avoid the fees then that’s a bonus but you should just accept that you will be charged.
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You may be out of luck because of Brexit aka customs will have taken in more staff for it.(and it's still not happened yet)
Now they have nothing better to do!
esar09/11/2019 16:14

You may be out of luck because of Brexit aka customs will have taken in …You may be out of luck because of Brexit aka customs will have taken in more staff for it.(and it's still not happened yet)Now they have nothing better to do!

Good. The amount of illegal stuff that gets into this country is pretty frequent so it seems.
The amount you'd need to pay would be VAT (likely 20% as with most things), £10-20 handling fee to the courier because banggood won't have sorted things in advance, and a customs duty that's dependant on the type of product and the country it's coming from. I don't know that that would be for an RC Car from china but it's usually a single digit percentage.

So call it around £250 in total. As Elito says, you should assume that's the price tag and be happy if it gets missed.

Wouldn't it be easier to see what's available in the UK and look for reviews of that rather than the other way around?
Thanks all for your replies.
The only thing I'm not sure about is their tariff insurance. Does it really work?

They said on the online chat that some product can be qualified to purchase tariff insurance during checkout so I didn't get that far yet. Their promise is that after purchase of tariff insurance, they will refund all customs charges in case that my parcel will be checked. Do you know how much it cost and does it really work?

I would love to buy from UK market and have warranty coming with my product even for cost of let's say 50 - 70 pounds extra on the top of bangoods price. Unfortunately UK's hobby market isn't the best at this moment. Not much to choose from and lack of hobby shops in my area too.

Thanks again for your input guys! I knew you won't leave me without answer
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