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hi, im looking for flight deals to and from bangkok.i want to leave on the 25th of july and return on the 8th of august i would prefer to have a stop over. but this doesnt really bother me much.
I'm looking in the region of spending £500.if anyone can help me i would much appreciate it.


Should find some decent ones on

Swiss International Air via Zurich £444 return
Air China via Beijing £446 return
Air France via Paris £469 return
all through [url][/url] but you need to call them on 0844 482 0545 to actually make a reservation - it would be worth asking about getting a free stopover as there's a reasonable chance the airline will offer one and those changing points are worth a little look see.

£606 is the cheapest I can find. Any good?

use this link flights from £398 + cash back when using Quidco…ALL

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thnx. nice deals.
net flights is a gd website and i like the swiss air deal
bt is it possible to go via emirates or etihad?:whistling:

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i was just wandering would it be wise to go to kuala lumpur?
how does it compare with bangkok??

Don't know about Kuala Lumpur I'm afraid - never been there.

Bangkok is a fascinating mix of old and new but can be very confusing, geographically speaking. When I went I took the feeder bus from the airport to the nearest train station and caught the local into the city - past villagers cooking by the side of the track.

Once there I wandered a little but the best thing I did was to hire a taxi for a half day and tell the driver to take me to the Grand Palace and anywhere else of similar interest. Got to the palace before it opened and sat for half an hour in a cafe over the road chatting to the driver about travel. Turned out that he'd never been outside Thailand (no surprise) and that he had no desire to - "everything I need is here so why go anywhere else?".
After a couple of days I flew to Chiang Mai, the main city of the north but much more like a provincial town in feel and asked the (inexpensive) hotel to arrange a guide for the day. He turned up in a minibus, visited temples and various crafts places - bought some nice silver jewellery. All in around £30. Then it was off to Mae Hong Son - a village near the Myanmar border - great walks but hilly - the one to the top of the nearest hill (with temple atop) gave a great view over the village and of the occasional local plane beneath you. Up before dawn one day to take photos of the mist over the village lake.
A multi centre trip like this (not necessarily the same of course) is a great way to get to understand the country and you could always finish off with a few days on the beach somewhere.

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yeh, i kow bangkok is a really good place been there twice before. im just wandering if going to kuala lumpure is the right choice?
iv got one price to kuala lumpure with the Wise Miser- £420 which is a really good price. the only problem is, is that is stops in Brunei. which i dont know much about either.
i would prefer if anyone can find a good flight in the same price region. but that stops in the UAE (prefer if it were dubai) or that stops in mumbai (bombay)
i would much app if you can help me
and thank you for your advice.

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thanx for the advice.
so does anyone have any other suggestions.

Been to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. I prefer Bangkok myself, there is more to do. Saying that, I know people who didn't like it. KL does have its charms though and is a little less hectic than Bangkok. Both are served well by [url][/url] for cheap regional flights. What kind of trip are you after?

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yerm i would prefer multi city trips going to places such as KL, Bangkok, Phuket e.t.c.
i already used air asia before and i rate it as being a good airline.
i have already been to bangkok before (twice) and Phuket (twice). i know now that bangkok is the safest option to go with, but i would like to try different destinations now such as KL. but the air prices are high at the moment.

im finding it very hard a the moment to find anything.
any new updates?

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btw i like the video
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