bangood & gearbest ratings question??

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Found 8th Sep 2016
been looking at these companies for a while now, being very suspicious as the product ratings all seems to be made up.
e.g if u read reviews on ulephone power on Amazon a fair bit ppl left 1/2 stars saying it died in 2 months or developed other faults, if u go to gearbest or bangood and go to question section you will also see ppl complaining about the phone but all ratings ate 5* I have yet to see one 1/2 star of rating for this or as matter of fact any product on those sites, and if check dates on reviews they all within one week period.
looking for a decent phone and some accessories but having difficulty trusting u

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I meant trusting them sorry typo thats the reason new ph

I am only brave enough to buy Xiaomi from Banggood which I have bought multiple times and have found to be high quality. Others might be able to point at different decent brands see this link for a similar question I posed with some info on mobiles from Chinese…230
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had a phone doogee x5 pro and dual boot tablet from gearbest with no problems

price & delivery - excellent. You'll see glowing reports / reviews from those that have purchased and not had a fault within warranty

after sales - dire. This is where they show their true colours and demand videos etc of the faults, return to China at your expense, endless ping pong email communication. I wouldnt buy anything over £40 from them and only then if I was willing to write the cost off if it failed.
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never bought from gearbest, but used Banggood quite a lot and always received my stuff and in good working order. Xiaomi>Ulephone
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I've used both and they have been fine.

Never had to use Customer services but that would probably be there down fall being based in China

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only bought cubit x6 from local seller once and broke in a month so never bothered with Chinese phones now xiaomi looks nice but im on giffgaff so no 4g for me. read some bad reviews about ule power so took that off my list but battery or at least fast charging is a must for me
does anyone know how long it takes one plus 3 to charge with normal fast Qualcomm charger
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