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    hi I would like to know that my husband gave change to the cashier and she even gave him a receipt of putting £100 but no money has gone on his account to confirm this...we just realised a week later when he was checking how.much money he had and which DD have gone....plz can someone help me out of what I can do ...thanx in advance


    Contact the bank and explain? Let them look into it?


    If I think what you are saying is your husband paid money in to the bank, you have evidence but the money is not in the bank?
    If this is the case, contact the bank, explain this and request that the money is paid into your bank.

    Go into a branch with the receipt and explain, after checking the receipt and your account they will likely then deposit the funds correctly and the bank manager should remove any charges you have incurred if you have gone overdrawn due to their error. Quite simple really, they can't do anything over the phone. It happened to me once before, although I did not incur any charges.

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    we're going to go to the branch with the receipt and see what they the way thanx every1. ...
    Also how to you close a thread because I'm happy with the info given above...thanx again

    This happened to me and they have a standard compensation policy as well (Santander), I paid in £100 and it got eaten by one of the automated pay in machines and took a week to show up and I got £135 compo, go figure so definitely worth escalating it at the bank.
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