Bank account in the US?

    How abouts do I go to open one?

    Im only looking for an account which enables me to accept payments from US businesses, as they require a "routing number" which we don`t have, therefore looking to open US bank acc which also allows me to sent international payments.

    If anyone has one, could you lead me to the right direction please


    Very limited knowledge of this, but a couple of times that I've had money transferred from a US account to a UK account - they've requested my IBAN number, which I think you will find on your statements. What about that?

    You need a social security number afaik, which you don't have

    Try HSBC, I set up a USD account with them a few years back. I had no issues receiving payments from US based Pharma companies.

    is this for your gambling winnings to be paid into?


    is this for your gambling winnings to be paid into?


    you ll need a arm and a account are very difficult to open in the us

    I've a mate whose an author and sells millions of books in the US and they won't let him open an acc over there.
    I don't think you can do it over the web, you have to go into a branch with (as someone said above) your US social security number. ..

    not really any help but i have a SSN

    Check Moneybookers site, they might have the numbers you need, or an alternative?

    I have an account and used it to make international payments. I highly recommend!
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