Bank Accounts for Household Bills

    I'm soon to be moving into a new home with my partner. We want to set up a new bank account that will be shared. I'm looking for advice on what a good one to go for is, any with benefits such as insurances or cash back on bills etc.
    The account will be used to pay bills mainly, possibly shopping etc.

    Any help is greatly appreciated !

    Thanks all


    NatWest have a rewards account which gives cash back on a lot of regular direct debits. There is a small monthly fee but always a lot less than the rewards received

    We've just set up a NatWest rewards for exactly the same thing. As we never intend to have more than required in the account than to fund bills each month rewards were an obvious choice over interest... and we do t need the benefits some accounts offer.

    Have a look at uswitch.…ts/?ref=ppcgoogle~gen~PFG774042

    Santander 123 Account

    I'm using Natwest rewards. Very happy with it.
    My parents use Santander 123 but keep a large balance in it to trigger the high interest rate

    Whatever account you go for, take a few steps to prevent arguments.

    - If the account is only for bills, you could agree not to have debit cards, or agree not to open the PIN notifications so that the card is difficult to use. That way, no one can spend on the account by mistake - or by 'mistake'.
    - Agree how much you are going to put in to cover the bills and which bills are included. Make sure that you've covered everything - gas, elect, water, council tax, TV licence, phone/internet. Do you have Sky/Virgin and are you agreed on the package. And then round up the monthly amount in case of surprises.
    - Who is managing the account - checking the direct debits, going after the best deals, making sure the account doesn't go overdrawn.
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    NatWest rewards are going to pay less out soon. Think it said end of June ish. It's going to be £2.00 instead of £3.00. So might not be the best anymore if ever it was.

    Glad to see you appreciate the advice, jackr1.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all!
    @PCS7038 I hadn't got round to having a look. Apologies I didn't say thank you earlier !
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