Bank card cancelled due to suspected 'cloning' - anyone else?

Found 29th Apr 2010
This afternoon I got a message to ring my bank, and when I did they told me they were cancelling my bank card as the number had come up on a list of cards that had been used on a website involved in a suspected fraud. They thought the cards were involved in 'cloning'. She went through all my transactions for the the last week and confirmed they were mine, and said I will be issued with a new card as I can no longer use mine.

I lot of things I buy on the net I buy through HUKD (thank you!) and so I wondered if anyone else had this problem? I am always careful about which sites I buy from, and am worried about how this could have happened? Any ideas?
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Doh,i never read the OP properly,what site was it,didn't they tell you ?
You said you were left a message what kind of message phone message? It was definitely your bank?
so if they where all yours, where does the suspected cloning come in, summat not right, did you phone your bank, or a number given to you in a message
HSBC left me a message, to ring my bank. It was definitely HSBC. They have cancelled my bank card - I tried to use it in Morrisons and it doesn't work. They told me they got the list of cards that were suspected of being cloned from an internet fraud investigation, but that the investigation is ongoing and they don't know what website was used to get the card details. I did ask, but she didn't know.
Happened to me in november last year and I only use my card online. It was or someone who worked there.
I got a new card within 2 days so it wasn't a major problem just hassel answering all those questions!
Yeah I had my debit card and credit card all stopped in last couple of weeks for same thing, all they say is suspected cloning. My dad was complaining yesterday that same thing had happened to him too.
It happened to me at the beginning of this year, on a card I hadn't yet used!
Well better than getting it cloned i guessed.
Yep happened to me this week also, on a card I've only used a couple of times. Really odd
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