Found 21st Sep 2009
Hey anything i try to buy from the internet has been rejected? My card is being declined. i check my bank balance at the cashmachine and it shows i still have money in there. when i rang the number on the back of my bank card it said : sorry this is not a valid number. WTF ?!
I've just moved into uni so this is pretty bad....

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google for the phone number and check it out - no one here can help you. you need to speak to your bank
It might be a glitch in the payment system. it could be you have money but not that it is cleared funds. other than that...... maybe a debit card and trying to buy age restricted goods. one of the dvd machines i check only takes a credit card for 18 titles to prove age


what retailer, what credit card provider and which number

remain calm

Same here.... phoned bank they said the pin was blocked for me!

The bank could of put a block on your card because of suspected fraud

If this is the case, call your bank and they should be able to tell you if it is this, and if it is they will put you through to the fraud department and ask you to confirm a couple of payments that have recently gone out

Halifax seem to do this a lot

have you changed your address to the uni if thats where u want it delivered coz so will only send to the address the card is reg'ed at


ring bank


sounds like there has been suspected fraudulent activity on your account, its happened to me twice recently


Happened to me in Europe, *******s wouldn't let me have petrol and I was stuck in the middle of no where. Still I would probably moan more if I was £5,000 in debt to the bank.

You probably just ordered something to be sent to a different address to the billing address; they don't usually like that.

this happened to me the other week when i tryed to pay through paypal, very annoying when you have money in your account. i phoned the bank and they unblocked my card for me, just give them a ring and it should get sorted

This happened to me with Lloyds TSB and they said they had cancelled a load of cards by accident, I just had to answer a load of security questions and then my card was okay to use.
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