Bank charge refunds

    hi guys

    does anyone know what is happening with thewse as i have around 2k waiting for a refund do i need to push harder or simply just wait?


    speak to your bank about these. In order to get a full refund they will need to go through head office because i think from memory the bank can only return 70% of the amount.

    just pop in and ask them

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    is it all sorted then??

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    yeah was aware of all that but didnt know if test case had been resolved

    2k of charges ?!?! looks like someone needs to be educated on how to run a bank account heh

    Here is the agreement between the OFT and the participating banks…php

    To answer your specific question, no it hasnt been resolved. Preliminary feedback is that judgment is not expected till July 2008

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    sweet as there is a way to guarentee them now which is the financial obusman of something jusy cant be assed

    i'll do all your hard work if you can't be assed - for 1k of the 2k of course :whistling:
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