Bank charges to send money to someone in USA ?

    I am trying to buy something but the seller will only accept "money". Totally wants to avoid paypal.

    Never sent a payment to someone other than UK residents. Does anyone have experience with any possible fees ?. I bank with Lloyds TSB and I just cant word my question right in the online helper (common problem for me).



    very risky unless u know the person

    buy it elsewhere - the vendor should try to make it as easy as possible for the purchase, not the other way around.

    word it charges for overseas transfers

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    Its not a huge amount. Only $10.

    lol @ seller will accept only "money"

    Don't know about bank charges to USA, but you can word it like this to the online helper.

    "Hi, I would like to transfer $10 to someone in USA for an online purchase, will there be any charges for the transfer, if so how much please? Thanks"

    You can also add "Hope the question is worded right"

    Or just ring their local telephone banking number which is open 24/7?

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    Now it turns out that he will only take cash sent in the post. I had to laugh at that. I am not doing that. Just trying to think of a way to word my reply to sound polite in raging over why.
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