Bank Charges unfair and disproportionate

    I have a friend who is a recovering alcoholic...
    During her time using , her finances got in a mess...
    At the moment she is on Incapacity benefit, and due to issues with the bank 50% of this is swallowed up each month in bank charges.
    What i need to know is is there any one else she can go to , i suggested CAB and mp's.
    She is paying bank charges of £150 per month..
    All sensible advice will be appreciated ...
    She's not after something for nothing, just help getting her finances back on track...



    stick the money under the bed, save £150 a month


    by all means talk to the cab, this should be your first step, and they will have access to debt services which may be able to persuade the bank to change how it gets paid,

    but the bank will still want to get paid what they are owed, lower payments will equal a much longer term


    well firstly open a bank account with a different bank.
    secondly, you can still reclaim bank charges, if you can prove hardship - that shouldn't be hard in this case.


    agree with the above, get her down to cab, who can get all accounts frozen so no more interest is paid, and a more reasonable way of paying off what she owes

    I posted this a couple of months back, it may help you. applies to other banks also.…685 non profit organisation (will not charge for their help)
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