bank help?

ive just purchased a console online via someone on a forum and paid by a bank transfer.

now when ive asked for his bank details hes realised hes given me an abrieviated version of his name (charlie and not charles) - im wondering if this will affect the bank transfer going through, or will it be ok?

how long does it normally take for an internet transfer to go through ?


should be fine if the account number and sort code are correct. you could give them a quick ring to clear it up

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thanks, ive rung my bank , they said it possibly might get rejected , but it would be from his end if it is.

the sort code and and account number are correct.

cant you just put the initial

It should not be rejected because of the wrong name.

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tried to change the name and just put the initial, but because the transfer is due to be made today it didnt allow me to change it.

Fingers crossed it will go through.


Should go through fine
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