bank holiday in england, but is dhl in aberdeen still running

Found 25th Aug 2008
its a bank holiday from what i gather in england but not in aberdeen.

long story short my parcel according to dhl arrived to larer on friday to go out 13.00 at aberdeen depo
after being picked up from norwhich area on thursday at 12.30 for a 24 hour to 24 hour uk to uk sevice which i booked threw ez delivery based in tamworth, so i expected the parcel on friday

after several phone calls to dhl about 3 to find out whats going on they released my parcel to a another delivery agent so now its been saying on the van since 15.04 on friday. and i phone on saturday to see if i can collect it but the aberdeen depo picked phone up and hung up 3 times. as i heard voices in the back ground as the hold music stops

now phones today and still on hold so dontk now if they are running any one able to help?
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its not a bank holiday in scotland so services are normal
so the couriers should still be operating, dhl help line told me that its a holiday they wont be running so i dont know whats going reasn why am concerned is its a pc they have i need,
Status Date Time Signatory Branch

HSD Out for Delivery awaiting IOD 22/08/08 ABERDEEN HOME DELIVERY

Out for delivery 22/08/08 15:09 ABERDEEN HOME DELIVERY

Released to other delivery agent 22/08/08 15:08 ABERDEEN SERVICE CENTRE

Released to other delivery agent 22/08/08 13:04 ABERDEEN SERVICE CENTRE

Arrived At Depot 22/08/08 13:00 ABERDEEN SERVICE CENTRE

Departed Depot 21/08/08 22:25 HATFIELD TERMINAL

In Transit 21/08/08 22:25 HATFIELD TERMINAL

Arrived At Depot 21/08/08 22:22 HATFIELD TERMINAL

Departed Depot 21/08/08 17:51 NORWICH SERVICE CENTRE

Pick Up Manifest Scan 21/08/08 12:21 NORWICH SERVICE CENTRE

Shipment Data Received 21/08/08 NORWICH SERVICE CENTRE
they may well carry on the uk bank holiday to all their branches including scotland
th e number i was given for the aberdeen brank was 0870444824

looks like it as customer service is closedbut then again that could be based in england
i would go along to the depot and see whats happening
dont have a car thats the problem and tax is 35 each way
you'll have to wait until tomoz then me thinks
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