Bank holiday pay for locum worker???

Found 21st Dec 2010
My partner does as a locum work. Because of snow and so many bank holidays coming up- some agencies are requesting him to work during these days. Can he ask for double pay to cover these days? Is it legal? Does it seem sensible to ask for double pay when the agencies are desperate?

Any advice/suggestions welcome.
Thanks in advance
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Can he not ask them and find out?
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not all companies pay their full time workers double time nowadays so cant see that a locum would get it-depends what line of work he is in
A locum can request double but it really depends on the pay range you setup with the agency at the start of the locum/relatkionship.

This is where locums fall down they should really set out a rate card with the agency up front. If you try and amend the rate now all they can say is no, as they've probably already set expecations with the employer. never know, if they're stuck they may just say yes.

Can he not ask them and find out?

they are being stingy to pay even normal rates for the normal working days...and also he feels a bit embarrassed asking them for more- because he works for the same companies again and again
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I think you should encourage him to screw as much out of the system as he possibly can and to take full advantage of the situation that the country finds itself in because of the appalling weather conditions.

Urge him not to feel embarrassed, nobody will think that he's a callous goldigger, he's just doing what everybody else would in his situation.

As far as the companies using him again, of course they will, why wouldn't they? It's not like they have any alternative, have they?
The company will be paying the agency triple so why not ask for double

The company will be paying the agency triple

how do you know that?
what field of work is the locum work for

how do you know that?

How do you think the Agency make their money?
what sort of locum is he? Doc, pharmacist, optician, other?

Agency or within trust?Double and triple pay is the norm for agency.

He can ask them for whatever he wants, the worst they can say is no. But, was a rate not agreed for holidays etc when he signed up to the agency???
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