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    Hi just a quick question, i'm at the top end of my student overdraft, not gone over it yet tho, i've paid 210 pound in this morning at my local natwest branch, over the counter, yet its still not updated my account i went to the cash machine before and the balance was not avaliable any one got any ideas, or is it just a delay in the system


    Slow sysyem.

    If it is a cheque, it probably won't make any difference to any payments going out.

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    no its cash so will it be updated by the morning you reckon?

    Should be, depends what time you paid it in...

    I'm with NatWest & whenever I've paid in cash or a cheque from another NatWest account it clears & shows up instantly... Not sure what's happened here with your account... I'd maybe ring NatWest actionline & ask them about it. They're really really helpful & I have nothing but praise for them

    Phone num: 08457 888 444

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    i rang them up and because i paid in a £20 cheque and £190 cash it doesn't get cleared till tomorrow morning some time, but if i'd paid in cash on its own it would've cleared instantly.
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