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    Hi there, i just got a letter from Barclays telling me to fill in some information and send it back to them or call this 0800 015 2434 number...The prepaid envelope is address to one person - Retail operations?

    I dunno if i should do it or says that our information hasn't been reviewed recently or maybe incomplete and that i should do it before 18th jan 2010?

    everything else seems legit its just that why would they ask for this? i mean they're asking for my name, DOB, employers, tele no. that sort of stuff..

    any help would be appreciated, thankyou


    phone your branch first

    go to your bank and ask them, i would if i wasnt sure.

    I cant think of any reason for them wanting such personal details

    yes, don't do it, phone a number you know is correct (off there web site) and ask what it is all about

    Original Poster

    thanks guy, i'll pop into my branch today then!


    Sounds like a scam to me..
    Don't do it.. Just ignore them....

    You shouldn't just ignore it tho, you should take the letter and the pre paid envelope with you to the branch, if everything is legit then you can fill it in but if its not then they should start to notify customers of this going around.

    Post the env. to their frauds dept. speak to them asap. as AshleyRFC said .. dont ignore it.

    These guys are getting more and more ruthless. Good Luck

    I received the same letter and I just binned it. although it may be legitimate but they will either ring me or send me another reminder.

    Just take your letter into your local branch of Barclays, and explain your concern.

    Yes I would just go into your local branch

    Any news on this?????
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