Bank transfer

    How long does it take to transfer money from a

    Lloyds tsb BT account to a Lloyds TSB account?


    do you have online banking? i think you can send/recieve money instantly from your account online.

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    Yeah, does halifax to halifax clear straight away?

    im not too sure. i only have a natwest account. ill try find out now.

    HSBC to HSBC clears immediately via online banking.

    Original Poster

    Thanks inactive.

    Anyway its sorted now, a mod can close?

    I know its been sorted just to let everyone know if intrested Natwest to Natwest clears intantally as well

    as does barclays

    What about Abbey to Abbey?

    (Just curious for future reference :oops:)


    And Virgin to Virgin?

    Oh, that one hasn't come yet.

    Nor Northern Rock to HM Government.. :-D :-D

    My Halifax-to-Nigeria transfer cleared immediately but the return Nigeria-to-Halifax transaction doesn't seem to have cleared yet, I'm still waiting on receipt of USD25.6million.
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