Bank transfer mess up - any one help

    I meant to transfer some money from my savings account to my current account to keep me from going over my overdraft before getting paid on friday

    but have transfered £52 out instead of in now am £32 over my agreed limit - GRRR

    have tried to transfer more back in to the correct account but dont think it will transfer in time as they have only just set up the fast transfer system for this account

    dont supposed anyone has a fast track account and could transfer £32 in for me and I will repay them £37 as a goodwill gesture as soon as the other transfer appears or friday morning first thing please as it means i will get stung for £50 in overdraft fees and service charge

    please please please can anyone help



    just go to your bank first thing and pay some cash in

    Original Poster

    i would but dont have any cash on me and am on nights and will have been up for 26 hours by the time i have finished my shift in 2 hours time

    and the savings account is an ING account - internet only !!!


    No money lending/swapping allowed here.

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