Bank transfer times?

    I'm expecting a payment via 'direct credit' that apparently was sent on Monday and should take 2-3 days, its not in there yet. Are all transfers made at the beginning of the day ie midnight, meaning there's no point checking again until tomorrow?


    think it all depends what bank it came from and what bank its going to-Im with lloyds tsb and their daily update is about 3/4am rather than midnight-but also remember thursday is a strange day for some banks-its their traditional late opening day so friday actually begins at about 4pm today(if that makes sense)

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    Cheers, It's going to my Santander account, from the student finance company. Will try again after work

    Anything to do with Santander takes forever!

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    Still not gone in. If 4 o'clock today is their Friday, does that mean it might be Monday now?
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