Bank transfers concerns

    I've placed a couple of wanted ads on here the past week, I've had a couple of responses but they will only take bank transfers not PayPal. but something just doesn't feel right about the deals so I've not taken it any further, is it me or were they scammers ?

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    I have had a similar offer via pm from a member who and been registered 34 mins!. I also decided as they would not post first.

    I don't like thinking bad of people but it struck as rather odd.

    I think a lot f these trading posts rely on trusts....Ive personally always dealt with bank transfers and don't use paypal as they take a fee...and if you use the no fee version, then you have no protection anyway. Some people also don't use paypal....

    I would never pay via bank transfer.

    if the person I'm buying from has good feedback Im always happy to pay via bank transfer....I frequent the classifieds of another forum very often and always pay via bank transfer as its the quickest free way to pay.

    That being said, the person has rot have good feedback...if they don't I offer to pay once the good have been received which people without feedback are generally happy to do...and if that doesn't work we can sometimes agree to pay half first and half after receipt.

    I have paid over £1000 for a few items and never had any issues at all using bank transfers...but it is of course all down to trust.

    If you are not happy with it, you are probably better off waiting for the next person selling the thing you need

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    thank you everyone, personally I wouldn't back transfers unless I knew the person, the requests I have had for money have been from members who have joined within the hour.
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