bankers reference - how do I get one?


I need a bankers reference . I have a bank account at Barclays but have recently moved the bulk of it into a high intrest account at Abbeys online bank. I've been with Barclays for 7 years , but with abbey 5 monthes.

I 'm thinking Barclays would be the best one to get the reference from , but do I just go in and ask for it ? Do I get it instantly ? I f not how long does it take, Do I pay for it , anything else I should know about obtaining a bankers reference ?

Many Thanks


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anyone ?


i believe the company wanting the ref has to write to the bank, theres a £10 charge with barclays (or was last year) and its not instant.
Good luck, took me over 3 months of constant phone calls to get one from them
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