Found 16th Mar 2008
Has anyone else had a 'banked code' removed from their account? I banked the last 1000 points code in three of my accounts last month. I know they were accepted as I used the code for a shop at the same time. Just logged in to do this weeks shopping only to find they have disappeared. This has never happened to me before - does anyone else have any experience of it?

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No, i only have one account and i used a 1000 points code a long time ago and now when i goto use it , they say i have used it the numbers of times.

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yes you can only use them once per account I think - this has happened to me too. But i've always been able to 'save' them on accounts to use before the expiry date without any problems as long as the basket contains products that add up to the minimum value applied to the voucher. So for instance I add five cases of beer, worth the £50, bank the code and when I'm ready to shop the voucher is still applied and I just remove the beer when I've finished the shop. Has always worked fine but not this time unfortunately! Just wanted to see if anyone has had the same experience.

Tesco is stamping down on the use of codes. Before you could share codes (various sites) but now they don't work, only for a limited few :-(
The honeymoon period is over with regards to Tesco codes/points and it's going to be harder to accumulate a lot of points. I feel that certain customers have abused the system a bit too much :x and now Tesco have acted and made it harder for everyone.

They seem to be giving out a lot of money off coupons at the moment, but no extra points vouchers.

I only have 1 account, and just checked and all of my vouchers (13) are still on my account

Had shopping delivered on friday with a £12 off voucher applied
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