Banks that reward for opening an account?

Posted 24th Feb
Good Evening,

I had a business account which I was hoping I could close and get a switching bonus. As it turns out you can't switch a business account so are there any banks that do rewards for opening an account ?

If it helps I don't use the account to make purchases, there's no direct debits coming out, it's just use to deposit my wages.

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Not to my knowledge, especially for business accounts. I'd also note that if anything, not having any active direct debits is likely to be detrimental to qualifying for any rewards or special status, rather than beneficial.
Ianaf7225/02/2020 05:47

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Yes, but these are offers for switching, not opening a new account from scratch.
Ianaf7225/02/2020 07:46

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No, he's not - he has a business bank account that doesn't allow switching.
pelaquin25/02/2020 07:55

No I'm not lol, read my post.

To add to my post last night - you could consider opening a new account and then switching from that shortly after, though I wouldn't personally recommend this as there could be an impact on your credit record where an overdraft facility is involved.
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