Found 9th May 2007 in the artist.


Anyone got any of his artwork/prints?

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We've just bought some repro prints for our stairway- I think some of his work, especially his earlier graffiti, is amazing. He isn't afraid to break boundries and his street art has cult status. Not sure I understand the relevence of a liberty-print elephant in a lounge though

Some of the graffiti on his webpage is amazing... here's us HUKDers....

Great wit, modern day classics

I've never seen these before, they're brill.


Most of his work is really relevent to how we are today- I'd love to know when he stopped being done for vandalism and started being applauded as a bona-fida artist. There must've been some cut off point...

Soz, but I think the pictures are naff. :-(

i think some of his graffiti looks ace. Really original

His stuff is interesting, but he's overrated and currently riding a wave of hype that will soon die down.

His posturing, all this "I can't believe you idiots buy this sh1t." statements are annoying - it's nothing more than him trying to remain "street" and "real" whilst he watches his bank balance rise.

Oh, and yes, obviously I do see some of his stuff when I'm driving around!
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