Banned Game

Banned Game

Havent Posted A New Game For A While, So Here's One For Ya.

The Person Below Me Will Say: Banned (Reason Here)

Then The Person Below That Person Will Do The Same.

So Like This:

User Below Me: Banned For Creating This Game
User Below That Person: Banned For Banning Victim

Can Have Any Reason.



Banned: For posting such a rubbish deal with littlewoods when you know it is but don't admit to it

Original Poster


Banned for having a q in your username.

banned: for always slaging of the ps3!
this was meant for qazim

banned for being too cool :thumbsup:

Banned: For sounding your in love with your N95

Original Poster

Was gunna say, i prefer ps3 to the 360.

Banned for no reason.


banned: for pming me saying ps3 is rubbish

banned: for not following simple rules that a 10 year old can follow

Original Poster

Banned for posting in this thread.

Banned for devising such a stoopid game.

Original Poster

Banned for calling this game stoopid, even though your playing it.

Banned for being so disrespectful to Victim

banned for being a tourist.

Banned for being a xenephobe

Banned for assuming I am.

Original Poster

Banned for being a playa.

Banned for eating an ostrich

Banned for being in a band

Banned for being in a banned band.

Banned for asking what Quidco is.

Banned for not having a PS3

Banned for threatening to phone santa every time son gets out of bed!

Banned for not putting the retailers name in the thread title :giggle:

Money Spinning

Banned for not putting the retailers name in the thread title :giggle:

Banned for enquiring about Mac OS's


Banned for asking what hot & cold and rep means.

Original Poster

Banned for having a yellow avatar.

Banned for not having an avatar

Banned for not playing the game properly (victim DOES have an avatar!)

Banned for having a pink car as avatar - so BARBIE!

Banned for not having a car as an avatar

Banned for banning me for not having a car as an avatar and not having one himself!

banned for not liking my barbie car

... was waiting for you to post again, so I could ban you :giggle:

now, let's play nice

Banned for not shutting up! :giggle:

Banned for being nice ^^^^

Original Poster

Banned for having a convicted person as your avatar.

Banned for being up so early!

Original Poster

Banned because i'm soooo tired and cant go to bed.


banned for thinking about sleep.


Banned because i'm soooo tired and cant go to bed.:-(

Banned for not updating the hangman game quickly enough!

Banned for being obsessed with the hangman game

Banned for being heavenly.
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