banner making tips please

hi all,

im wanting to build my own banners and such for a site, any tips on how/where to start as i have no idea?!

appreciate any help :thumbsup:


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do you need a special program to get url's for buttons?

A good place to start would be a programme such as Photoshop Elements, in your 2nd post you mention the URL's for the buttons, usually you would do this at the web design stage, i.e in Dreamweaver or whatever other Web Design App you may be using, you simply import your graphics/buttons/banners and then you can link them to where you wish for them to navigate to.


No eyed Dear what it's like, but gets good reviews

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thank you both, rep will be left


can you rep me anyway? :giggle:

only joking :whistling:

Hi loupomm,

Been there too.

You have two choices. Either use some graphic design software, and create from scratch. Many web hosting packages will throw in a free copy of Photoshop elements or similar. You can also check out the Gimp ( ) which is some open source (aka free) graphic creation software.

The second choice is to use some specially made banner creation software. This limits your options, but will het you up and running faster. Try googling "free banner software" and also variations like "open source banner software". At best, you'll get free software. At worst, a couple of weeks free trial.

Also check out [url][/url] and [url][/url] who sell royalty free images for around 50p each.

Hope that helps, but feel free to ask any more questions.

Take care,


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thanks clive rep left

can i use the likes of photobucket to get a url of the buttons?

Are you wanting more than 1 link per banner ad? If so you could use image maps on your image (easy on Dreamweaver to make) or make the banner in Flash.

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no i think to start with it will be for plugboard pages to link to the site

Hi again Lou,

If you are after free banners, buttons, artwork and other cool website stuff - then take a look at

As you are starting out, you should find everything you need.



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thanks i'll take a look
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