Bar charts?

    Okay so I need to create a bar chart for my psychology coursework whilst word processing.
    Is this possible to do in Open office?

    If not, is there an online program or something which will let me make one for free?


    you can create charts using O_O

    use the equivalent of excel

    I think its called "calc"



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    Thanks elitom, but it's so confusing!


    Thanks elitom, but it's so confusing!

    What exactly are you trying to do.

    In excel its easy

    put your data in say two or more columns

    Highlight the data

    Click the charting button and follow the options

    then you can click on the chart and copy it nto your word document

    I guess calc is similar...have not looked at OpenOffice for some time though


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    I found out what to do! sorry for wasting your time.
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